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Pleased to Meet You?

I’m still figuring out what widgets I want for my blog.  Or what design I want for my blog.  Or, well, just my blog in general.

Before you take the time to read my blog, I guess you should know something about me.

  • I was born and raised in a small town in Northern Wisconsin called Antigo.
  • The pivotal change in my life was a class trip to Chicago in eighth grade – I realized I wasn’t cut out for small town life.
  • High School sucked – I had undiagnosed depression for most of it but it probably would’ve sucked anyway because it was high school.
  • Less than a year after HS graduation, I moved to New Jersey to be a live-in nanny.  It’s where I discovered myself.
  • Just over a year later I moved back to Wisconsin and got my Medical Transcription degree.  I hated being back.
  • I got into a car accident a year later and moved to Sacramento, CA with the settlement money.
  • Aside from a sporadic pen pal (yes, it was THAT long ago) I didn’t know anyone in Sacramento.
  • I met my husband 15 years ago at “Way Bitchin’ Eighties” at a nightclub called The Rage.
  • We got married two and a half years later.
  • Our son was born a year and a half later.
  • We adopted our first daughter from the foster care system five years ago.
  • One year later we adopted her older sister, in the foster care system as well.
  • I have written a book about my experiences and plan to publish it.  The name of it is Born in My Heart:  A Bittersweet Adoption Blessing.

And now, who I am:

  • I am left-handed.
  • I am Quaker Christian (James 2:14-17).
  • I am stubborn, a trait my son has inherited.  My daughters possess it as well.
  • I am a perfectionist, though you wouldn’t know it looking at my house.
  • My favorite colors are blue and green.
  • My favorite season is autumn.
  • I love cats and we have three of them.
  • My favorite sounds are my cats purring, birds chirping, and my children’s’ laughter.
  • If deserted on an island and only allowed to eat two things, they would be chocolate and guacamole.
  • I am an introvert.
  • My birthday is September 11.
  • I love musicals.  My first one was “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway while I was living on the East Coast.
  • I love music but my focus is the lyrics, so my favorite type of music is any with lyrics that move me.
  • I think the Shrek movies epitomize the perfect love story.
  • I’ve had a cardiac pacemaker from nine months to four years, and now continuously since I was ten.
  • I have a dark sense of humor.  It keeps me sane… or as sane as I can be, anyway.
  • I am intense.
  • My goal since I was a child was to make a positive difference in the world.  I work on that goal every day.

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