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The Other Family Tree

My second grader did an ancestor report over Christmas Break.  She reported on the maternal side of my husband’s family.  She also had to fill out a family tree up to her great grandparents.

One problem (or, more accurately, challenge):  She was adopted.

She knows she was adopted.  She knows she has another mommy and daddy.  She even has a relationship with her biological* grandmother.

But where do we put those other family names?  Do we add extra branches to the original tree?  Do we create a whole new tree on a separate piece of paper?  Do we pretend her family tree is complete and simply fill in what was provided, nothing more?

She didn’t ask about putting her other mommy and daddy on the tree.  I was surprised she didn’t mention anything about her biological grandmother either.  So we didn’t add branches or create a whole new tree, but instead listened to her silence and filled in the written tree with our family ancestry, which is her family ancestry too.

* More in another post about why I don’t use the PC term “birth” in my adoption language.

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