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Hands down, my mom is my biggest fan.  She has supported me through both difficult and happy times.  She has encouraged my independence which has led me to where I am today.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our ups and downs… and not just in high school when my teenage hormones clashed with her menopausal ones!  But it wouldn’t be a mother-daughter relationship without this sometimes intense dynamic.

About three years ago my mom said she felt bad because her Christmas gifts for me weren’t that great.

Note:  My mom is a German Catholic and guilt runs in her blood.

Second Note:  She and my dad flew out of below-zero weather in Wisconsin to be with us in California during the holidays.  I told her that present was the best present she could get me!

Aside from their visit, there is only one gift that stands out in my memory from that Christmas.  It was a puzzle painted by a local artist; not someone who “made it big,” but regardless had her picture published, so to speak.

Inside the puzzle’s cover, the artist wrote:


It was this simple inscription that gave me the courage to make my dream of writing a book come true.

Two months after I received this gift, I quit my job and began to write my story, a memoir of helping a drug addict during childbirth, then adopting her two daughters.

Fast forward two years and…

  • I edited it four times… then got burned out and threw it at a professional editor.*
  • I have entered two writing contests, with a third around the corner.
  • I am attending the San Francisco Writers Conference, complete with Speed Dating with an Agent, in less than three weeks.
  • I am constantly researching agents and publishers who will be at the conference, creating different pitches targeted for each one.

And then in the mail on Friday I received this:

do it nowdo it now2

Thanks, Mom, for supporting all my endeavors!

* My editor is wonderful and I highly recommend her:  Laura Garwood Meehan, Editor

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