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Remember what it was like as a child?  Innocent and carefree, not a concern in the world!

My almost 11-year-old son asked the other day why I don’t let him watch R-rated movies with violence or play M-rated video games.  (His father’s favorite is BioShock.)

I asked him if he knew the meaning of ignorance.  He more or less did.

I explained the phrase “ignorance is bliss.”  He didn’t understand because his teacher has a sign that says “the only cure for ignorance is education.”  I told him that was true but I wasn’t talking about school smarts.

I asked if there were things he knew now that he wished he didn’t, such as there being no Santa Claus.  He said yes.

I told him once you’ve lost your innocence, you can’t get it back.

The video above shows my daughter carelessly skipping down the sidewalk.  It is the reason I don’t let my son play those video games or watch those movies.

It can be hard to stand behind this belief when other parents don’t share it.  These rules can be hard for my son to accept.  But I am committed to preserving his innocence as long as possible.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  Do you have parenting beliefs and/or styles that butt heads with other parents or even society as a whole?

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