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Reflections on the Balcony of the Marina Inn

It’s going to take awhile to absorb all the information from the San Francisco Writers Conference.  My mind is a dry sponge not quite ready to plunge into the waters of conference notes.

So I will enjoy the crisp view of the bay, mountains gently cupping her water and the boats floating on top.

IMG_3433 IMG_3434

I will relax with a cup of coffee and breakfast.  The cool air rests on my shoulders and whispers in my ears.  The coffee offsets the cold.  As I sip the required caffeine, it warms me from the inside.


The convention was priceless.  I will immerse myself in my notes and share them once my brain is rehydrated.

I made a lot of connections at the conference; however, the friends I made were the most important.  I know these people will be lifetime friends.  A flavorful collection of words lay the foundation for writers’ friendships.  I know we will support and celebrate the journey our words take on the page and to publication.

A last cup of coffee and then pack up. The car will be filled with songs sung by a tone-deaf, wanna-be Katy Perry.  And two hours later, I will pull into the driveway.  A quiet smile will fall on my lips when I walk inside and greet the hugs that await me.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on the Balcony of the Marina Inn

  1. I really enjoyed meeting you Lynn! Thanks for your support in the Pitch an Agent line. 🙂 I feel the same way about the conference… saturated with all kinds of great information but unable to start the processing yet. Hope to stay in touch!

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