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SF Conference Connections

The benefits of the San Francisco Writers Conference are innumerable.  I will post at a later time about the conference itself.  Today, I want to post about the conference’s social aspect.

We go to make connections.  We hand our business card over to anyone with an open hand.  (In my case, I didn’t always wait until they opened it.)  We hope these connections lead to an agent or book deal or, at the very least, someone willing to help on our writing and publishing journey.

But I believe the social connections we make are even more important.  It is important to have comrades in arms to encourage you onward during writer’s block and lift you up after yet another rejection letter.  They are future writing groups and possibly future connections.

There is one woman in particular whom I met and connected with immediately.  We met at the first conference on the first day.  Both memoir writers, we had a lot to talk about and spent most of the conference together, both in classes and socially.

On the train ride back to my hotel that last evening, I wrote a poem about our instantaneous friendship.  The following day, in the quiet of the hotel, I polished it.

This is the poem:

instand connection


Hot and Sweaty
My God, why did I walk all the way
uphill to the Mark Hopkins Hotel?
But at least I’m stylin’
wearing my adorable new
Black Boots

Nervous and Shaky
I sneak into the front row
of the introductory conference
At the woman sitting beside me
wearing my adorable new
Black Boots!

Irritated or Happy
About the serendipity of
the situation beside me
I learn as we drink white wine
wearing our adorable new
Black Boots

Tired and Hungry
We slide into the overpriced
hotel restaurant’s bar booth
Brings our white wine and
cheers! to our adorable new
Black Boots

Exhausted and Starving
We meet Jerry Friends and Regan
two conference exhibitors
We pitch and drink white wine
still wearing our adorable new
Black Boots

Sad and Grateful
Because it is our last night
because I met new friends
One last glass of white wine
til we meet again in our adorable new
Black Boots

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