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A Foster-Adopt Poem

My daily meditation journal today was about words.  The writing prompt was, “The ten most lovely words I can think of are…”

I thought this a wonderful opportunity to do some writing practice on my blog!

I broke my list into two sections.  The first list contained words I think have lovely meanings.  The second list contained words I believe sound lovely.

Which of the words do you think are from my list?  Can you guess from which list?

Animal Instincts

Love birthed by accident
Quietly, minuscule seed sown
Resulted from kindness

Smile at your exquisite face
Waft of scent penetrates my nose
Eyes peacefully close as my love

Gallant nature to survive
In pungent solitude
The abrasive machine’s purr

Tumultuous affection
Painfully, I reminisce
About gazing down at your

I write most of my poetry in angst-ridden moods.  As such, this is entirely different than my typical poetry.  What do you think? (Be honest, please!)

I invite you to post 10 random words I can turn into a poem.  I’d love to see your creation as well!

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