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Gimme A Break!

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.

I got the developmental edit for my memoir back about a week ago.  I was already having a hard time deciding where and how to focus on my journey to publication; now I’m overwhelmed.

  • Do I focus on Tweeting at least three times a day?
  • Do I focus on writing engaging and informative blogs.  (I don’t think they are at this point, which is another stressor!)
  • Do I focus on getting my blog looking more pretty and professional?
  • Do I focus on submitting articles to magazines?  Essays to blogs?
  • Do I focus on my Facebook page?
  • Do I work on my memoir’s developmental edit?
  • Do I put forth more effort to engage other writers in a writers group?
  • Do I begin my Kickstart campaign?
  • Do I reach out to foster-adoption organizations?

With the input of my wonderful husband, I’ve decided to do none of these things.

I am taking a week off – no blogs, no FB memoir page, no more researching areas to submit writing, no Tweeting, no working on memoir, NOTHING!  

In a week I hope I have more focus and feel less overwhelmed.

In the meantime, I am going to concentrate on getting my Writing Room in order.

I want to do some household projects.

I am going to finish my reading The Glass Castle, then start reading another memoir.

I am going to breathe.

Perhaps I will even try to meditate…

One thought on “Gimme A Break!

  1. This is exactly how I feel quite a bit of the time. I think as writers, maybe this only applies to new writers, we have way too much to do. Lately, I’ve been thinking about taking a couple of weeks off from social media: blog, Twitter, etc., to work on the final revisions of my memoir before submitting to my editor. Otherwise, I may never get it done. Keep your head up. I know how you feel.


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