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Back in the Saddle Again

Taking a week off was a good choice.

I’ve decided to work on the developmental edit for my memoir.

Laura, my editor, did a wonderful job pointing out areas that need improvement, with excellent suggestions about how to go about it.  Her personal comments in the margins verified what I already knew; she was a trustworthy person to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with before the rest of the world sees them.  A few of her comments even made me laugh.

Both my husband and a new Facebook friend advised I focus on my revisions.  Of course, I have to take my hubby’s opinion into account because he is affected by whatever I do, or don’t do.  And although I don’t know my new FB friend well, I respect her opinion based on the fact that she is a fellow creative soul.

Both Hubby and New FB Friend said the same thing social media promotion doesn’t matter if the book isn’t finished.  I think the fact that they both said this is a good indication this is the best path to follow.

Despite making the revision my #1 priority, I will continue to blog about my crazy kids, my crazy husband, and our crazy life!  I plan to share a little of my book – ALL comments and feedback welcome!

I hope the snippets from my book will help parents in similar situations, as well as parents whose situations are quite different.

After all, it is important that ALL parents, not just those in foster adoption, know they are not alone and deserve support NO MATTER their thoughts and feelings.

Have a Blessed Monday!!

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. I love writing! I have my blog because I love writing. Sometimes I say too much, but that’s because I love writing and telling the story and thinking through writing. However, in order to bring audience, so I can share what I write, I have to attend to social media to promote it… I confess that does get tiresome. Social media demands constant attention. If I go two days without being there, my posts don’t reach very far at all.
    But to those of us that love the art of writing, it is always good to remember, as your hubby said it, “social media promotion doesn’t matter if the book isn’t finished.” – In my case, I am not writing a book, but I agree just the same. What matters is that we are there, pounding the keys, writing.
    I hope you have success in your journey! I hope I can, someday, become a serious writer too.

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