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Dear Daughters – You are PRICELESS

Please visit the blog Bye Comparison to read more wonderful letters written by mothers to their daughters. Here is a direct quote from Brooke, the blog’s creator:

It’s no secret that most often girls are taught that worth is found in appearances. Chest-Waist-Hips measurements, weight, wardrobe, reputation, ability to be cowed… Where do you find your worth? Where have you attempted to find worth? What truths do you think need to be reiterated (over and over again) to girls, to women about true worth? I know you’ve got some thoughts on this.

Dear Payten and Paige:

As girls, you will grow up seeing models and movie stars. Most of them are beautiful, all of them are imperfect. We cannot tell from their outer looks if they are kind, compassionate people who try to make the world a better place when they are outside the public eye, or if they are as superficial as their looks and the roles they play in the media.

I was shy and awkward, and had health problems when I was a little girl. I didn’t fit in at school – I wasn’t athletic because of my health issues, I ‘d never win a beauty pageant, and I didn’t find it easy to make friends… so I had very few. Despite my family’s love, I struggled to find my worth.

Although mine and Dad’s love and encouragement may not be everything, I hope it will be enough. Enough for you to know that you are loved. Enough for you to know that you are perfect in your imperfections. Enough for you to know everyone feels worthless at some time or another. Enough for you to be confident about your worth and embrace it.

I have no doubt you will grow up to be beautiful both inside and out. The truth is that you have very little control over your outer beauty; however, you have most of the control over your inner beauty.

It is the inner beauty that makes you priceless.

I love you dearly.


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