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Find Peace in Fear

Fear grasps our hearts
And squeezes
Cutting off circulation to our heads
And reason

The word prompt for today’s Five Minute Friday is FEAR.


My husband and I were talking about the future of the earth a few days ago. We live in California and the drought is scary; what is even more scary is seeing how much people are still watering their lawns, washing their cars, and continuing to waste water as though we are on the brink of a flood, instead of in the midst of major water shortage. We are both worried, and my husband is not a worrier.

My husband is atheist, I am Quaker Christian. I told him that the natural disasters in Revelations are happening. Many people interpret it as God bringing these disasters. I have a different take. I believe God has given us Free Will, which has lead to our own destruction of our planet. Revelations is merely God’s prediction of the Human Race bringing the end by itself. 

When I worry about these things, and other things, I reflect on John 16:33.

10471caa3670535df512bd9387dad487I have often used it to pull me through my challenges with Depression; however, I need to put my trust in God’s Love for everything, and find rest in his open arms.

I try to learn this each and every day, and each day I have to start over again.

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