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Now, I Have Something to Write About

Yesterday I struggled with my blog because of writer’s block. I also wanted to avoid cleaning the house. 🙂

But I did both things.

Today I have something to write about.

It is reflecting on something that, it seems, I didn’t do very well. 

I entered a writing contest two months ago. I thought I did a damn good job on the piece. I didn’t think I’d win the contest; however, I thought it was good enough to be published in their online magazine.

I didn’t win. I didn’t get runner up. I got declined.

I am not 100% sure what that means; it’s vague.

  • Did they decline to accept it because I overlooked something in the directions?
  • Did they get so many wonderful pieces that mine was bound to get passed up?
  • Did they think it sucked? (DID it suck?)

Disappointed, I told a friend what happened. He said, The thing to keep in mind is that you wrote for you and not for them. But I’m not sure that’s true… I entered the contest to get my submission published in the magazine. I wanted something to pad my proposal, when it comes time to submit my manuscript to an agent.

Could that be my problem? Am I focusing too much on making a name for myself that I am losing the joy of writing?? If the intrinsic value of writing – what got me through my first draft of crap – is gone, then what IS the point of writing?

My mother always told me I was a good writer. I’ve always believed her. Now I question it.

I’ve connected with inspiring bloggers online. I connected with amazing writers at the Conference in February. Reading the words these people weave together into a rich tapestry, I cannot help but compare myself, and I come up short.

I know I’m not a bad writer; I got A’s in all my Advanced English classes in High School and College. But is not being a bad writer enough? 

And then I think enough for what? If my goal is to get published, then, no, it isn’t enough. HOWEVER, If my goal is to write for the joy of writing, then I believe it is more than enough.

3 thoughts on “Now, I Have Something to Write About

  1. Thank you for sharing something, we all go though from time to time…that hope you lingered on at the end of the post is something we writers strive to carry…especially on our down days…Keep writing and keep posting…:) I enjoyed reading your writing and hope to read more soon!


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