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FMF – A Few of my Favorite Things

I’ve been participating in Five Minute Fridays with Kate Motaung’s blog for a few weeks now, and I love it!

A topic chosen for me (no thought required), a set amount of 5 minutes to write (won’t spend too much time), with instructions to free write (no proofing hassles). What more could I ask for?


This week’s topic is favorite.

My favorite time of day is after the kids have gone to school and I can hear the silence.

I sit down in front of my computer with a cup of coffee and write. I listen to the birds chirp outside. Often one or more of our cats sits somewhere in the room with me. Things are peaceful while I eject the words from my mind onto the screen (or paper).

I savor these moments.

It is the time I read and write in my daily devotional journal, my time with God.

Sometimes I sit at the kitchen table, sometimes in our living room on the comfiest chair in the world, sometimes in our “downstairs” (two steps down) room at the table, looking outside the patio and watching our outdoor cat “talk” to the birds who are diving at him and yelling.

My favorite things are numerous.

My children’s laughter. 

Chocolate, coffee, red wine and guacamole. These are, in fact, the things I would take with me to eat on a deserted island. It’s no wonder I’m gaining weight!

The colors green and blue, especially in nature.

Tulips and Trilliums.

Roller coasters and amusement parks in general. They are even more fun with kids.

Eli went on his first roller coaster recently and LOVED it, despite being scared out of his mind while he was riding it.

Payten loves the swings and goes on them over and over; she rode them four times in a row last time we went!

Paige loves the animals, especially the dolphin show.

My favorite season is autumn, in Wisconsin. It is one of the few things I miss about living in WI.

Diversity is my favorite part of living in California, my current home.

I am out of time.

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