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Freedom to Love – Five Minute Friday

On occasion I participate in a linkup called Five Minute Friday hosted by Kate Motaung at Please visit her webpage or click on the badge in my side margin for further information.

Today’s Five Minute Friday’s topic is Freedom.

Annie Rim whose blog is Sharing Stories of Life and Faith said the following on her Five Minute Friday post:

“… when we are so worried about our freedoms being taken away, we forget to love. And I wonder how that would look – if we focused on love rather than freedom.”

I had writer’s block in regards to the topic of freedom until I read her blog and the above-mentioned quote.


With the passage of Gay Marriage in the news and so many people falling to one extreme or another with their beliefs, I was so glad to read Annie’s quote. It rings true for this exact debate.

Whether you believe Gay Marriage should be legal or not is really not the question, nor should it be the question.

I think the more important question is “Should everyone have the freedom to love whomever they choose in whatever capacity they choose?”

What I mean here is don’t we all have the freedom to love and shouldn’t we consider what love means to us before we put down a group of people who love in a way we do not understand?

This is a free write so I’m probably not expressing myself very well.

What I mean is that instead of judging those who are Gay and either saying they don’t have the freedom to marry or their having the freedom to marry is affecting my marriage or ideas of marriage, perhaps we should look at this whole thing through the magnifying glass of love.

What makes you love a person romantically?

Why, for example, did I fall in love with my husband but not the other two men I was friends with at the time, and had no desire to be more than friends with? These other two men were as good looking, as smart, as fun as my husband.

But what made him stand out?

I’ll never know, just as I’ll never know why you love who you do, or the Gay photographer for my wedding loves another woman. But it is important to remember that we all have the freedom to love and we should use it wisely by letting others have the same freedom as well, without judgement.


As I mentioned above, this was a free write and I know I didn’t express myself very well. If you have questions about what I meant, questions, comments, etc., I invite you to share them below.

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