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In Your Nose – Adoption Talk Linkup

I’ve been thinking about my younger daughter’s nose lately.

That probably sounds weird but I think it’s been inspired by my recent memoir editing.

Ruth, the girls’ biological mother, once told me, “I think Paige got my nose, poor thing.”

First of all, I don’t see anything wrong with Ruth’s nose. It’s narrow and small and fits her face well. If Paige does end up having her nose, it won’t be unattractive.

Secondly, I don’t think Paige has her nose. It isn’t narrow enough. There is a little bit of a bulbous tip, which Ruth doesn’t have. The end curves down a touch, which I do not see in my pictures of Ruth.

Nose reference1.png

I was studying the few pictures of I have of Ruth last night. (Insomnia makes you think of weird things and with the Internet, you can do a lot with those weird things.) One of them has a picture of David, Paige’s biological dad. He seems to have a wider nose and the top is definitely rounder.

Perhaps she got his nose?

Then I happened on a picture of Paige’s biological grandmother, Carole. From the angle of the picture, a side angle, it almost seemed as though Carole passed her nose onto Paige.

Am I the only adoptive parent who does this? Who tries to figure out where certain features came from?

  • Paige has Ruth’s eyes and high forehead, no doubt about it.
  • Payten often smiles like David, and has his widow’s peak.
  • Paige has dimples, which I think come from David.
  • Payten has a figure like Carole.

And the list could go on if I saw more pictures of the girls’ biological family.

Ruth questioned where Paige’s blonde hair came from; Ruth, her half-brother, Carole and David all have dark brown hair. “Probably came from the mail man,” I told her. (She didn’t see that one coming!)

My son’s ears poked out when he was born. They weren’t big, they just curled outward a bit at the top. They still do, though he has grown into them. To this day, my husband and I cannot figure out who gave him that gene!

In light of those two things, maybe it has nothing to do with biological versus adopted.

Maybe it is the result of nothing more than the curiosity of human nature.

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