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Memoir Reflections

My dream is to publish my memoir the traditional route. I want to support those going through the foster-adopt process. I felt so alone during the difficult times because I couldn’t find any books with personal accounts of the foster-adopt experience. All I could find were how-to’s.

With that in mind, my goal is to help others. 

You see, the memoirs I found about adoption were written by people who struggled with infertility and decided to adopt. Those memoirs tended to focus on the journey to acceptance and adoption. Oftentimes, the stories were feel-good, pretty and perfect, and didn’t address the difficulties in adopting, especially through foster care.

All this is fine. It was their journey and what they experienced; however, it wasn’t our family’s.

My husband and I did not have trouble conceiving; we made a choice to adopt. Our experience has not been all pretty and perfect. I want adoptive parents to know they are not alone; their thoughts, feelings, and even actions are experienced by others. Most of all, I want them to know it’s okay.

Thank you for following me and staying with me – I know my blogging has been inconsistent so if you are still around, I really do appreciate it.

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