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Thank You for Loving my Baby

Today I am participating in Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk linkup. If you have something to contribute or would like to read other great adoption posts, click here or click on the badge posted on the right side of my blog.

Today’s topic is Thankfulness in Adoption.

There are many, MANY things I am thankful for in my foster-adopt journey; however, today I want to focus on the amazing foster mother Paige had the first five months of her life: Theodora.*

We hear horrible stories about foster parents who subject the children to  abuse, neglect, and other horrible things. But I want to take a moment to point out there are good foster parents, too.

Theodora was a happy, vibrant woman who grew up in a family that fostered children. She loved children and typically had two foster children staying with her. She also ran a daycare from her home.

“I just love kids!” she laughed.

Some of the things that made Theodora a wonderful foster mother, in no particular order:

  • Theodora spent the monthly stipend on Paige. (I know that should be a given but, sadly, we know that isn’t always the case.) For example, Paige was prone to diaper rashes and Theodora purchased organic diapers.
  • Theodora was on top of Paige’s health issues. She relentlessly took Paige to the doctor for withdrawal tremors, reflux issues, and failure to thrive. Again, this should go without saying but…
  • Theodora never judged the biological parents. I told her about Ruth one night. Theodora told me she never judges the parents because she doesn’t know what they are going through; it’s not her place.
  • Theodora was as concerned for me as she was for Paige when I tripped and fell, dropping Paige’s carseat. (That incident will be posted on my memoir webpage.)
  • Theodora sent Paige off with a farewell gift, a Build a Bear stuffed animal.
  • Theodora posted pictures in her room of all the children she’d fostered.

I could go on and on about this amazing woman who gave Paige and all those other children the love and care they needed.

But I’ll just leave it at this: I am thankful for Theodora, Paige’s foster mother.

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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