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Another Ornament on the Tree, Another Memory

With 2015 coming to a close, my hope is that 2016 will bring as many blessings.

One of the most meaningful events was reconnecting with my daughters’ biological mother, Ruthie.

Since we connected in September, she and I have met for coffee approximately once a month.


The last time we met she gave me a Christmas gift; an ornament and a card. They express exactly how I feel.

Reestablishing contact with Ruthie has been such a joy! There are moments of fear that today I won’t get a response to my email, I won’t see her on Facebook, we won’t get together because she has flaked on me.

But that fear has become less intense, less frequent as she is showing me one day at a time that living sober is permanent.

I am grateful for Ruthie. It has been a joy reconnecting with her and getting to know her better. In many ways, I think of her as a sister.

I am grateful for my children. I am thankful for Paige, who has a natural ability to make others laugh, even when she’s doing something naughty. I am thankful for Payten, whose beautiful voice and creativity continue to astound me. I am thankful for Eli, whose honesty and pre-adolescent hugs warm my heart.

I am grateful for my husband; thankful loves me unconditionally and hasn’t filed for divorce because there’s a constant sink full of dishes.

I am grateful for my journey with the written word;  all I’ve learned blogging it and promoting it online. I hope some day the dream of publication comes to fruition.

Front of Card from Ruthie

As I write this, 2016 is less than five hours away. I am excited to experience a year as wonderful as the last.

I wish you all a blessed new year.

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