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Introducing… Lynn! (Adoption Talk Linkup)

I’m linking up with Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk today. To learn more about the linkup, read more great blogs, and share your own great blog, click the Adoption Talk badge in the sidebar, or click here. If you are connected to adoption in any way, you would benefit greatly from this amazing support system. 


The first topic of 2016 is INTRODUCE YOURSELF

Every adoption story is bittersweet, and mine is no exception.

My husband and I decided to adopt through foster care because they are so many children who need homes so they don’t age out of the system. Our original plan was to adopt an older child but God had other plans…


Near the end of our foster home certification, I was asked to be the birth coach for Ruth, who was a stranger. I knew Ruth’s mother from a Bible study and had back-ground information: She was an addict and CPS was involved with her older daughter, Payten.

I know being there with your significant other or another family member during the birthing process is intense. So is being there with a stranger.

And you bond with the baby. Especially when you cut her umbilical cord and hold her right afterwards. (Bio mom had C-section.)

3 at nanas
Left to Right: Payten, age 3; Eli,* age 6; Paige, age 2

So God got a good chuckle (I think he has a dry sense of humor) and we adopted Baby Paige instead. A year and a half later, Ruth hadn’t reunified with Payten, who was almost three, and we adopted her as well.

Paige** has Sensory Processing Disorder and anxiety. My prior post I Wish my Daughter had Autism talks about this challenge.

Payten** has Reactive Attachment Disorder. NEVER Say These Things… is a post about the challenges of raising a child with RAD.


In the process of becoming a foster-adopt mom, I have also become an advocate. I am passionate about educating the public: There are currently 108,000 children in the system who are free for adoption; on average, 20,000 children age out of foster care each year.

Please visit Adopt Us Kids  and learn about the myths surrounding foster care adoption.

I am also blogging my story, Born in My Heart. I hope this will educate others about the process of foster care adoption and support adoptive parents.

If you would like to learn more about me, check out Pleased to Meet You.

* Eli is my biological son

** Names changed to protect privacy

10 thoughts on “Introducing… Lynn! (Adoption Talk Linkup)

  1. We have only adopted internationally, but I am always looking forward to learning more about foster care. My husband and I would love to become a foster family at some point. Thank you for linking up, I look forward to reading more this year.

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