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A Day in the Life of a Girl With Anxiety

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A smile comes to my face when I think about a day a couple of weeks ago…

Around this time last year, Paige was supposed to participate in a production called The Three Piggy Opera. She didn’t want to do it and I didn’t make her because she was so miserable during the school’s Thanksgiving production a few months earlier. She got offstage after the Thanksgiving production, in tears, and wanted to leave right away instead of staying for the Thanksgiving party.

anxietyYou see, Paige has anxiety. I’m not just talking about stage fright but medication-may-be-required anxiety.

A couple of weeks ago she had a “Symbols of America” production. In the weeks before, she was practicing her songs and lines with gusto. She told me over and over how excited she was, how she couldn’t wait to participate.

I took this with a grain of salt. She had practiced the Three Piggy Opera’s lines and songs, and was excited to get up on stage and say them. Then the night of the play came and, well, you know what happened.

The day of “Symbols of America,” I sent her off to school in “costume” and told her I’d be there.

“Do you want to tell me where to sit so you can see me?” Perhaps my presence would be reassuring.


“Does having me there make you nervous?”


I snuck into the auditorium a half hour later. I avoided her class when they went on stage; however, she noticed me from the stage.

Oh, shit, she saw me!

She smiled and waved, and started acting goofy. We see this at home all the time but she rarely shows off her talent at school of making people laugh. She didn’t look petrified! She wasn’t frozen in place. She was relaxed and socializing with her friends before it started.

She sang the songs!

She got up with two other girls and said her lines!

She came out and bowed at the end!

Paige on far left.

The parents who know about her anxiety were so proud. Her teacher, who knows about her anxiety, was proud.

Paige basked in their attention and, most importantly, she was proud.

I wasn’t only proud, I was ecstatic. This has given her confidence to work through the fear and prove nothing terrible will happen on the other side of it. It also proved that conquering her fear means she won’t miss out on fun things.

And though it isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, now I can enjoy watching her in school events. 

What day sticks out in your mind as important? It could be yesterday, weeks ago, or years ago. It could be adoption related or you don’t have to have any connection to adoption. I’d love to know!

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