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For Good is NOT a Coincidence

This weekend I am going to see the musical, Wicked, which is the musical about the friendship between Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West, whom the author of the novel named Elphaba.


Important History:  The first time I saw it, my hubby and I were celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary at Universal Studios in Hollywood. We chose this getaway because we were in the final stages of foster-adoption certification and knew both time and finances would be tight for a while. It was our last big hurrah before committing to having another child.

It was two months prior that I met Ruth* and witnessed Paige’s birth.

When people say: Oh, what a coincidence, I disagree. I believe these coincidences are God at work.

So it comes as no surprise that after God’s plans for us to adopt the girls fell neatly into place, a song from the musical would make me think of Ruth.

These are the lyrics from For Good.

Ruth and I reconnected last October and she has been sober just over two years. We are going to see Wicked together this weekend.

It’s a dream come true, in so many ways.

And I don’t believe this is a coincidence, I know it is God’s hand.



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