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Adoption in The Media – You’re Not Alone


On Thursday I participated in Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk linkup. The topic was Adoption in the Media.

One of the most frustrating things for me has been and continues to be the lack of support for foster-adopt parents through personal stories. It is one of the reasons I wrote mine and am working hard to get it published.

Adoption stories tend to look like this: 

  • International or domestic infant adoption.
  • Infertility catalyst; story is about that as much as it is about adoption.
  • Storybook ending, for both adoptive parents and adoptee.

This is my story, and I’m not alone in it:

  • We adopted through foster care. Most on this topic of help/education books.
  •  We weren’t infertile.
  • Our story contains many challenges both pre and post adoption.


IMG_1093I wanted to find a story about real people who who understood my thoughts and feelings because they’d gone through it themselves.

I wanted to know  my questions and concerns were normal, as were my mistakes.

I wanted to read about the second thoughts, the misgivings… if anyone else wanted to ditch their kid and run.

It probably sounds like I regret adopting my daughters, and, I do admit, there are days I wonder what the hell I was thinking; however, what I regret is not realizing how hard it would be, and how important it is to have a support system.

This is what I want to share with others who are parenting children with a trauma background:

You are not alone; I will be part of your support system!!



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