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Writing in the 21st Century


I was getting ready for my book club yesterday when I had a brilliant idea to put in a query letter for my memoir. I grabbed my cell phone and dictated my thoughts, taking up less than 20 seconds of my day.

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve been thinking about how easy it was to get my idea down. Go back ten years and I would have had to scrounge up a piece of paper and pen, hoping to record the thought before it was lost.

Which happens more frequently these days, I might add.

But let’s face it, who doesn’t have their cellphone within arm’s reach 90% of their waking hours?

Another scenario: I’m grocery shopping or going for a walk when inspiration strikes. Where would I scribble the idea, and how? (Actually, I’ve used lipliner on the back of a business card in the past.) But no matter how much I’d remember, the words would never flow as smoothly as when I first thought of it.

This morning I’m sitting in my writing room clacking away on my laptop. It doesn’t require paper, and I don’t have to redo a line or, heaven forbid, a whole page if I screw up.

And you wonder why Jack Nicholson’s character went crazy…

Like many writers nowadays, I sit down with a cup of coffee, my computer, and the knowledge that if my 15+ years of typing for a living fail me in a moment of brilliance, I can hit delete, or even start over.

I don’t have to retype it all over after the first edit. Even if you’re the type who still likes to print up and edit via hard copy, you still have it all saved on your computer.

I can save my story and save trees at the same time. 

Plus, where do you store all those pages?!

I don’t want to think of how many wonderful ideas have been lost because they weren’t recorded in time. I cringe when I try to figure how I’d file the hundreds of pages of writing from the last four years.

I am grateful to be a writer in the 21st Century. 

What things are you grateful exist for writers now versus 10-20 years ago?

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