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know you're a writer when

Writers can be lonely people, holed up in a room, sitting in front of a computer, lost in their own little world of words begging to be transferred onto on a screen.

I would venture to say that many writers are introverted. However, just because we enjoy being alone doesn’t mean we always should be.

But if, like me, your household is a mad stew of children and animals (and husband!), your introverted side isn’t excited about getting more stimulation, even if it is to feed your passion with other writers.

Thank God for the Internet…

I found an online writing community that I want to share. It has helped my journey as a writer by strengthening both my writing and my social connections.

Scribophile is a community of writers working to make their stories better. The main use of Scribophile is providing and receiving feedback.

know you're a writer

How it works: You critique others’ writing and earn Karma Points. In turn, you spend Karma Points to post your own work for critique. It is a lot of work but ensures commitment to helping others as well as yourself.

Scribophile is entirely free; however, if you plan to use the site a lot, you will want to pay the yearly fee of $65 to reap more benefits.

If you’re not sure about getting a return on your investment, I recommend paying for one month, It costs more to pay monthly ($9) but it’s cheaper than paying for a full year and not using it.

Because I’ve written an 80,000+ word memoir, I found it worthwhile to purchase a membership.

Benefits of Scribophile:

  • After I started reading and critiquing others’ works, I found myself doing a better job critiquing my own.
  • Reading other writer’s work reinforces what is good about my writing and gives me an aha! moment when I critique something and then realize I do that too.
  • I’ve met fellow writers in the forums and through critiquing; they provide insight and support.
  • Social networking: I’ve followed people I’ve met on Scribophile on Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs.
  • There are writing forums by subject (i.e. genre, writing challenges, website questions) where you can glean valuable information.
  • Promotion on the website for works published.
  • Contests where you can win Karma Points.
  • Critiquing isn’t just limited to novels and short stories. I’ve seen poems, writing competitions, article submissions (i.e. to websites), query letters and proposals posted as well.


I needed to find a community to move beyond what was inside my head and gain a fresh perspective on my writing. I’ve found the anonymity for critiquing others ‘ work and receiving critiques freeing as they don’t know you, so there is no worry about hurting someone’s feelings if there are a lot of revision suggestions.

If you have any questions about my Scribophile experience, please ask in the comments section below.


I’d love to hear all about your writing process!

  • Do you enjoy connecting with others in the writing community?
  • How do you connect with them?
  • What sort of groups do you participate in, both online and offline?

12 thoughts on “Writing Communities – Scribophile

  1. I just joined Scribophile and I LOVE IT. I was looking for a way to find some feedback and beta readers for my first serious novel I’m trying to write. It’s also helpful to be “encouraged” to do editing on other people’s stuff. It makes us better writers all the way around!

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  2. I joined Scrib back in February, and I’m glad I did. I think after two weeks, I went with the premium service. Anyway, I had already known some people through Twitter, but I’ve met more through Scrib, especially through the poetry and Twitterphile groups. It’s definitely a valuable resource for writers.

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  3. I’ve been a member of Scrib for about 2 years now. I absolutely love it. It took me some time to find the best system that worked for me. It was very overwhelming at first with so many active people.

    But I knew within the first week that I wanted to go premium and Scrib is the first and only time I’ve ever paid for something online that didn’t result in a physical package to my door.

    Now I have a group of people I work and chat with on Scrib and I never run out of pieces to crit.

    I’m glad you found the community!

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