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Lost Toes – Adoption Talk Linkup

I’m participating in Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk Link-Up for today’s blog post.

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The topic is Embarrassing Adoption Moments.

The one that comes to mind involves my older daughter, Payton. She moved in with us shortly before she turned three. Having only the experience of parenting my son, Eli, I assumed she would benefit from the same parenting techniques he did.

This parenting thing is all a trial and error, as you all know. 

This was more of an error…

I was in the kitchen making lunch (maybe it was dinner) when Payton walked in and stubbed her toe on the table.


My son gets distracted and laughs if we exaggerate how we’re going to fix his injury so when Payton started crying, I said, Oh, no, we’re going to have to cut off your toe!

She didn’t understand I was joking.

Her brown eyes got huge and she grabbed her toe, screaming. 

Both Eli and I had to do a lot of talking to convince her I wasn’t serious.

The therapy jar got a $50 bill after that one…

Do you have an embarrassing adoption moment? Or do you just want to get involved with an adoption support community? Click the Adoption Talk badge in my sidebar or the link above to meet others involved in the adoption triad.

3 thoughts on “Lost Toes – Adoption Talk Linkup

  1. Kids take everything literally. I wonder if that’s why you always cried when I sang “You Are My Sunshine” Or was it just my voice? ❤ Mom

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  2. I completely get this! I took so much for granted raising my first child (language and trust). I’ll never forget when my son at 5 years old (new to our family at the time) had a major rage because our other son said, “We almost died.”

    Turns out my child didn’t understand the word “almost” so he omitted it. He thought he was either dying or had died!

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