Gimme Your Opinion

My daughters are in camp this week so I’ve been busting my butt to edit my memoir. My brain is fried and I’m convinced my eyeballs are going to fall out any minute.

Editing sucks.

Due to said fried brain and eyeballs hanging precariously in their sockets, this blog post will be short.

raymond quote

In addition to editing, I’ve been working on my book proposal. In How to Write A Book Proposal by Michael Larsen, he gives four golden rules for creating the title to your book, three of which I’ve listed below.*


  1. Make your title sell and tell.
  2. Make your title appeal to the heart and the head.
  3. Use your communities to test your title.

This got me thinking – should I test my previously trashed memoir titles on social media?

Side Note: I tried to create a Twitter poll with the choices but I exceeded the measly 140 character count for each choice.

So I’m requesting feedback on alternative memoir titles from writers, readers, adoptive and birth parents, adoptees, agents, your cat, the stranger sitting next to you in the coffee shop… You get the idea.

So, without further ado, here are the choices:

  1. Born in My Heart: A Bittersweet Adoption Blessing
  2. Handprints on My Heart: An Adoptive Mother’s Journey
  3. Takes More Than Love: A Memoir of Adopting Through Foster Care
  4. Two Daughters and a Drug Addict: An Adoptive Mother’s Bittersweet Journey

Feel free to combine or expand on any of them to create something you think is better.

After making your selection, please tell me the reason for your choice.

Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams to become a published writer.

* The fourth one: use your models as guides. I admit that I have no idea what he means by this.

9 thoughts on “Gimme Your Opinion

  1. I would go with “(It?) Takes More Than Love: A Memoir of Adopting Through Foster Care”


    1. The “Handprints” and “Born” titles look like titles I’ve seen a million times. They feel inspirational-quote-y. The word “Heart” is overused in circumstances like these, too.

    2. It tells us this involves foster care, which will attract a niche audience, rather than just sound like another run-of-the-mill adoption story, of which there are many

    3. It hints at conflict and the struggle of adopting via foster care, suggesting there is, again, more to this than the run-of-the-mill adoption story.

    My second favorite is the “Drug Addict” one, because it definitely attracts the reader. It was a close second because it seemed to focus less on the children themselves. Whatever you do, I’d recommend putting the foster care system in the subtitle somewhere. That way you can appeal to foster parents as well as adoptive parents.

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      1. Thanks for popping by, Lexi, and giving me your opinion. Mica definitely raises a lot of good points, points 2 and 3 specifically used in agent pitches.

        Remember, tweet me when your book comes out and I’ll pass it on!

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    1. Mica, Not sure why but I just got notification of this comment… Sorry about the delay responding. 😛

      There was a tweet going around by a person doing some sort of seminar about adoption (for school teachers?). She asked that adoptive parents share some things we’d like her audience to know, things we wished we knew before adopting. I didn’t hesitate when I told her it takes more than love. The point hit home when I chatted with my hairdresser who was thinking of adopting, and he said something like, “I’m just gonna love them and spoil them because all they need is someone to show them love.”

      Yeah, that’s what I used to think, too… And I think it becomes apparent thoughout my story that love is probably the least important thing when parenting foster children.

      Anyway, thanks for your input, and sorry for the delayed response.


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