Words on Wednesday – Share Your Writing

Welcome to the second Words on Wednesday, a linkup the first Wednesday of each month.

Each month I will post an optional topic, but you can write about whatever you like as long as it pertains to writing in some way. This includes promoting your work!

Today’s optional topic is to share some of your writing. This can be a short story, a poem, a longer WIP (work in progress), and even an opportunity to promote your published work.

I’m going to share a snippet of my current WIP, a memoir about adopting through foster care. As of now, the title is Born in My Heart: A Bittersweet Adoption Blessing but I’ve been thinking about changing the title. If you’d like to give me some input, visit my prior blog post to see the options and Gimme your opinion!

Here is my post for today:

All Stitched Up and Nowhere to Go

August 2008: I wonder if I would have accepted Carole’s request to be Ruth’s birth coach if I’d known the amount of pain it would cause me. I’d like to think the experience and knowledge that I helped another would outweigh the pain. The truth is that I’m not sure I would have done it.

Aside from the quiet hum of the car’s engine, a heavy silence fills the air. Andrew and I are driving to the hospital to pick up Ruth and take her to the empty apartment she calls home.

I haven’t felt like myself since witnessing Paige’s birth a few days prior. An undercurrent of emotions rises into a tsunami of tears when I think about Ruth and Paige.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why Ruth’s situation weighs on my shoulders. Yes, I am a sensitive person: I cannot watch the news without tears, cannot bear the thought of abandoned animals being euthanized, want to make a difference in the world by adopting a foster child.

But why do I care so much about a virtual stranger who has no one to blame but herself for the direction her life has taken?

I look at Andrew out of the corner of my eye. Has he noticed my tangled web of emotions?

“Here we are,” Andrew says as he pulls into the loading zone in front of the hospital. It’s the same place we picked up Eli after his five days in the NICU. There are those inexplicable feelings again. I am sad for Ruth because her baby is staying behind in the NICU, even though it was her poor choices that put Paige there.

I leave Andrew in the car and check in at the nurses’ station. “I’m here to pick up Ruth, in room 225.”

“Will Ruth be staying with you?”

“Umm, no…” The thought never occurred to me.

The nurse’s eyes pierce mine. “She cannot be alone. C-section is a major surgery. She needs to be on bed rest and should only get up to use the bathroom.”

Unprepared for the nurse’s vehement onslaught, I stumble over my words. “I’m only here as a favor. I don’t really know her -”

“Can she stay with anyone else while she recuperates?”

I doubt she can stay with Carole while Payton is living there because CPS is involved. My mind shuffles through our friends, Carole’s friends, church friends. Ruth’s solitary set of flowers from me flashes through my mind. Does Ruth have any friends? 

My heart breaks as I realize how lonely an addict’s life is and that we’re her only option.

I started this linkup to create a support system for writers. With that in mind, please read and comment on at least one other post (suggest the one linked up before yours). The more blogs you visit, the more our writing community will grow! Sharing the linkup with your writing friends is another great way to meet other writers.

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10 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday – Share Your Writing

  1. Thank you for inviting me to post. I would like to share a few lines from my first published book: The Diary of Marilyn Justice. I chose this scene because it was fun to write, and because many fans told me that it was inspirational. I hope you enjoy!

    After Rick finished his nap we got ready and went to one of the restaurants at the resort. We both had the Lobster, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The restaurant was small, not in a crowded way, but in an intimate way, Rick and I had a chance to meet a few couples, most of them were on their honeymoon. There was one couple that RIck and I talked to, and actually spent a lot of time with out there, they reminded me of a younger version of us. We had dinner together on our third night, which was their last night. We had a chance to bond. They actually looked to us for marriage advice. Rick had some pretty touching words for the Husband:

    “Never forget why she’s the one, and never stop showing her she’s the one”

    The wife and I talked, but I was paying attention to what Rick was saying, I could sense that he was taking in his own words. I admired him so much, not because of the advice he was giving, but because his words were based on his actions. The young bride asked me for some marriage tips. I had to think for a second, I didn’t have to think of any tips, I had to think of what I felt was the most helpful. After a little consideration, I looked this young woman in the eye and said:

    “Never say no”

    She started to blush, I quickly clarified that I didn’t mean sexually, well for the most part. I told her how important it is to be his biggest cheerleader, and to never crush his dreams. I talked about the early years, and how everything is not all fun and games, but that the reward is well worth the efforts. It felt good talking to this couple. We actually went with them to the airport the next day and exchanged contact information. They live in the east so we may never see each other, but it’s always good to have someone to talk to that you’ve bonded with.

    After we left the airport Rick and I spent most of the day on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect. We relaxed and just enjoyed the sounds of the waves crashing. We fell asleep under the canopy. I wasn’t keeping track of the time, but when I woke up it was still sunny and warm. Rick asked me if I wanted to go back to the room so that we could get ready for dinner. I was ready to go because I couldn’t wait for the night with him. Our room had an amazing view, I love watching the starlight’s reflection in the water, it’s just so peaceful. As I got our things ready to go back up Rick asked what I wanted for dinner, I suggested room service so we could just enjoy the night alone. Rick thought that was a great idea.

    We went back to the room and I took a shower while Rick ordered our food. It was a beautiful night, we ate near the balcony and enjoyed the peace and calm of the perfect night. We finished and Rick poured us another glass of wine, We stood on the balcony and looked at the stars. Rick stood behind me and put his arms around my waist, and whispered in my ear:

    “Baby what’s your dream?”

    My response:

    “You, every day for the rest of my life”

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