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Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

Today is Erin Bohn’s monthly Adoption Talk Linkup.

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There are two possible topics for this week:

  • Why did you choose adoption?
  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

I’m choosing the latter topic for today and will blog about the first topic next week.


The best advice I’ve ever gotten was from my cousin, Karen. After giving birth to my biological son, Eli, she told me: 

“No matter what other people think, listen to what your intuition. They may have the best intentions but you’re his mom and you know what’s best.”

And she was right.

As much as I tried to rationalize what my intuition was telling me, I knew there was something going on with Payton, my older adopted daughter.

Payton moved in with us just before she turned three. We expected acting out as she adjusted to her new living situation; however, we were surprised by the frequency, intensity, and duration.

But the real clue there was something off had to do with her lack of affection. She was only expressive when:

  • She was competing with her younger sister. For example, she didn’t initiate affection with my husband or me unless Paige gave us a hug or wanted to be held.
  • She was seeking attention in public. For example, when she gave us a hug in front of others, she would do so loudly and watch others’ reactions.

But to the outside world, she seemed like a well-adjusted child.

When I tried to speak with other parents about our these things, they would say things like:

  • That sounds normal.
  • All kids have temper tantrums.
  • You expect too much from her.
  • Mine do that, too.

Finally, we got to the end of our rope and sought therapy.

And the therapist validated what my intuition had been telling me for over a year.

“It sounds like attachment issues,” she told us.

Because I listened to my intuition saying Payton’s behaviors weren’t typical, we found an excellent therapist who has helped our family immensely.

I don’t think Payton would be doing so well if I hadn’t followed my intuition.

I don’t think I would be doing so well.

So this is my piece of advice to all parents: Listen to your intuition. 


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Lost Toes – Adoption Talk Linkup

I’m participating in Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk Link-Up for today’s blog post.

Collage 2017-04-06 10_02_52

The topic is Embarrassing Adoption Moments.

The one that comes to mind involves my older daughter, Payton. She moved in with us shortly before she turned three. Having only the experience of parenting my son, Eli, I assumed she would benefit from the same parenting techniques he did.

This parenting thing is all a trial and error, as you all know. 

This was more of an error…

I was in the kitchen making lunch (maybe it was dinner) when Payton walked in and stubbed her toe on the table.


My son gets distracted and laughs if we exaggerate how we’re going to fix his injury so when Payton started crying, I said, Oh, no, we’re going to have to cut off your toe!

She didn’t understand I was joking.

Her brown eyes got huge and she grabbed her toe, screaming. 

Both Eli and I had to do a lot of talking to convince her I wasn’t serious.

The therapy jar got a $50 bill after that one…

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