Words on Wednesday – Share Your Writing

Welcome to the second Words on Wednesday, a linkup the first Wednesday of each month.

Each month I will post an optional topic, but you can write about whatever you like as long as it pertains to writing in some way. This includes promoting your work!

Today’s optional topic is to share some of your writing. This can be a short story, a poem, a longer WIP (work in progress), and even an opportunity to promote your published work.

I’m going to share a snippet of my current WIP, a memoir about adopting through foster care. As of now, the title is Born in My Heart: A Bittersweet Adoption Blessing but I’ve been thinking about changing the title. If you’d like to give me some input, visit my prior blog post to see the options and Gimme your opinion!

Here is my post for today:

All Stitched Up and Nowhere to Go

August 2008: I wonder if I would have accepted Carole’s request to be Ruth’s birth coach if I’d known the amount of pain it would cause me. I’d like to think the experience and knowledge that I helped another would outweigh the pain. The truth is that I’m not sure I would have done it.

Aside from the quiet hum of the car’s engine, a heavy silence fills the air. Andrew and I are driving to the hospital to pick up Ruth and take her to the empty apartment she calls home.

I haven’t felt like myself since witnessing Paige’s birth a few days prior. An undercurrent of emotions rises into a tsunami of tears when I think about Ruth and Paige.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why Ruth’s situation weighs on my shoulders. Yes, I am a sensitive person: I cannot watch the news without tears, cannot bear the thought of abandoned animals being euthanized, want to make a difference in the world by adopting a foster child.

But why do I care so much about a virtual stranger who has no one to blame but herself for the direction her life has taken?

I look at Andrew out of the corner of my eye. Has he noticed my tangled web of emotions?

“Here we are,” Andrew says as he pulls into the loading zone in front of the hospital. It’s the same place we picked up Eli after his five days in the NICU. There are those inexplicable feelings again. I am sad for Ruth because her baby is staying behind in the NICU, even though it was her poor choices that put Paige there.

I leave Andrew in the car and check in at the nurses’ station. “I’m here to pick up Ruth, in room 225.”

“Will Ruth be staying with you?”

“Umm, no…” The thought never occurred to me.

The nurse’s eyes pierce mine. “She cannot be alone. C-section is a major surgery. She needs to be on bed rest and should only get up to use the bathroom.”

Unprepared for the nurse’s vehement onslaught, I stumble over my words. “I’m only here as a favor. I don’t really know her -”

“Can she stay with anyone else while she recuperates?”

I doubt she can stay with Carole while Payton is living there because CPS is involved. My mind shuffles through our friends, Carole’s friends, church friends. Ruth’s solitary set of flowers from me flashes through my mind. Does Ruth have any friends? 

My heart breaks as I realize how lonely an addict’s life is and that we’re her only option.

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Words on Wednesday – Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the first Words on Wednesday!

Each month* I will post an optional topic, but you can write about whatever you like as long as it is about writing in some way. This includes promoting your work!

The first topic is Introduce Yourself.


About Me:

  • I’ve been writing since I was five years old. I was a prodigy – my very first poem went: There’s a rainbow in the sky; Oh I do, do wonder why.
  • I wrote my first story when I was ten years old. It was about a preteen girl volunteering in the hospital and meeting a girl in her late teens who was dying of leukemia.
  • I wrote a lot of poetry in high school. It was a form of self-therapy for my undiagnosed depression.
  • Four years ago I began working on a memoir about adopting my daughters through foster care. I’ve been revising (does it ever end?) and have begun working on my proposal.

I love to write because it gets everything on the inside, on the outside. The paper is kind of like the pensieve from Harry Potter, and the words are my memories.

OK, now it’s your turn…

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My most beneficial experience as a writer has been building my writing community on Scribophile and Twitter.

This is the reason I created the Words on Wednesday linkup.

With that in mind, please read and comment on at least one other post (suggest the one linked up before yours). Of course, your writing community will grow faster if you visit more than one blog in the linkup. And sharing the linkup with your writing friends is another great way to grow our community.

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Writing · Writing Prompts

New Years Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I have many New Year’s resolutions, one of which is to utilize writing prompts more often.

I’ve been saving writing prompts on my Pinterest page for over a year now.

My favorite writing prompt site is right here on WordPress – Promptuarium. In fact, if you check out my Pinterest page, many of my prompts are pinned directly from there.

Promptuarium, if you are reading this, where do you get all your ideas?!

Writing prompts have blocked my writer’s block and helped my words flow. Not always good words, but we writers know perfection is creativity’s enemy.


Start out your New Year with a challenge to be more creative and accountable.

Consider creating your own writing prompt (see mine) or selecting one from Pinterest or a webpage.

Make it an extra challenge and use a writing prompt from a genre you normally wouldn’t.



Below is a poetic form called  Golden Shovel. I’ve experimented with this form before and really like it.

The following is a poem I wrote for my mother. She loves the poem, Warning, more commonly referred to as When I’m an old woman, I shall wear purple.

The line I’m using is, you guessed it, When I’m an old woman, I shall wear purple.




~ after Jenny Joseph

attitude-not-ageI never imagined WHEN
my 40th birthday came, that I
would play drums on the dashboard; I AM
certain I thought AN
average, middle-aged woman was OLD

But I feel like a young WOMAN
at heart, and I
am convinced I SHALL
always dance in the kitchen doing dishes and WEAR
polka dots the color of PURPLE


Love and Hate – Writing Prompt

I’ve been editing my memoir on Scribophile but not doing much in the way of actual writing.

I’m going to change that.

I’m going to try dabbling in writing prompts on a regular… semi-regular… occasional basis to prevent getting rusty and enjoy getting creative.

Editing is not enjoyable. Nor is it creative. It’s tedious and uninspiring.

Here is the prompt:

2 diff descriptions

This will be a free write so it may suck, but at least I’m giving it a go.

His piercing gray eyes burrowed into mine. He ran his hands through his blonde hair and it flopped back over his forehead. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair and hold it back so I could kiss his eyelids. As though reading my thoughts, he leaned across the table to plant a gentle kiss on my cheek with his soft lips. When he leaned back, the scent of his spicy aftershave lingered in the air. He grabbed my hand and wound his fingers through mine. Only second third date but we knew so much about each other already, had so much in common: We both love Mexican food but hate Chinese; we both wanted kids, but only one; we were both allergic to lilacs, and we both love blue the color of the ocean, as well as the ocean. Gazing at his bright eyes and full lips, there was no doubt that I was sinking into a warm bath of love. 

I looked into his colorless gray eyes and looked down. It was only our first date and already I knew it was a mistake. It wasn’t just his appearance – greasy blonde hair in desperate need of a cut, ragged fingernails in need of a trim, and gray eyes that bore into my own, sending a chill of discomfort down my spine – but his aftershave too thickly to cover up his body odor. It took everything in me not to gag. When he opened his mouth to ramble about his job, his ex-girlfriend, his favorite type of music and food – not once asking me about these things – I smelled his sour breath and put my fork down to breathe through my mouth. After five minutes of this torture, I excused myself to use the bathroom, and walked out of the restaurant instead.

I found this prompt on Pinterest but it originated on Reddit.

If you decide to do a writing prompt of your own, this one or another, please comment or link back so I can check it out.